In this heart-warming, Halloween-themed story, three stone puppies that protect their house from zombies, vampires, and witches during full moons come to life when the children who move into the house believe they are real.


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Written by Paul J. Collins
Illustrated by Kevin Keele

This is a heart-warming story of love between kids and puppies and the power of believing in your dreams. The Colby family moves into an old house. Three stone puppies sit in a stone box by the big fireplace in the Great Hall. During each full moon, zombies, vampires, and witches try to enter the house. When the full moon shines on the puppies, they come to life and scare off the attackers. The children try to convince their parents the puppies are real, but only when everyone in the house believes in them will they stay alive as puppies forever.


The great Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “I have a dream.” As parents and guardians, we should encourage our children to dream and to always dream big. We have a moral responsibility to give our children the educational, emotional, and spiritual tools to help them achieve those dreams. Let’s spend the time to help and encourage our kids to make this a better world to live in. Let’s help them become the greatest generation ever!

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